Stacker Cranes

Our 5 axis robotic systems are capable of handling plastic containers dimensioned from 400 / 200 / 50 mm up to 600 / 400 / 500 mm and of a maximum load of 35 kg.

Using proprietary controllers, supported by state of the art motion control software, our stacker cranes operate with accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter.

Automatic dispensers

In order to put together customer orders comprised of small sized products (e.g. medicines, cell phone parts etc) without human intervention for picking, automatic dispensers are used. These dispensers are specially designed sorting mechanisms, adapted to the specific characteristics of the products (shape, dimensions, weight etc) and integrate perfectly with the stacker crane warehouse systems.



  • Sorter
  • Stacker Crane - Automatic Dispenser - Shorter
  • Automatic Dispenser
  • Automatic Dispenser