Material Handling Solutions

Our solutions address the entire field of warehouse management, beginning at the import of merchandise and goods and ending at their distribution to their recipients. Their built-in innovation places our customers one step ahead of the competition by dramatically cutting their transportation, processing, picking and packing costs.

Interlink is not just a system integrator but an one-stop solution provider for the optimization of the supply chain procedures. Unlike other system integrators, Interlink offers integrated solutions as:

  • On site measurements
  • Analysis and system design according to the clients' custom needs
  • Hardware acquisition and installation
  • Specialized software (as Warehouse Management Systems) acquisition and installation
  • Maintenance and technical support

Automatic picking and sorting systems offer very important advantages such as:

  • Up to 2 times increased warehouse capacity by optimising storage space usage
  • Increased credibility by eliminating human error
  • Better productivity by maximizing supply and retrieval speed
  • Optimum distribution of personnel leads to reduced labor costs
  • Online warehouse monitoring
  • Automatic packing list creation and pricing
  • Our 5 axis robotic systems are capable of handling plastic containers dimensioned from 400 / 200 / 50 mm up to 600
  • eMove is a brakethrough Warehouse Management tool. A product presentation is available in the following video: