WinMix Concrete

Process control and administration of ready mix concrete units

Winmix is an integrated package of electronic equipment and software, especially designed to automate ready mix concrete units. Through a parameterized environment it allows the adjustment of production with the most possible detail and flexibility.

The powerful fault finding module automatically locates potential discrepancies and deviations from normal operation and provides the operator with guidelines regarding necessary corrective action.

Pioneering technologies and methods based on advanced software designing and deploying tools have been used to develop the application.

Some of its most important advantages are:

  • Fully compatibility with current EN norms.
  • Analytical Production Log issuing.
  • Recipe management tool - unlimitted number of recipes.
  • Automatic raw material inventory.
  • Special index control system for monitoring:
    • Weighing accuracy.
    • Plant productivity.
    • Energy consumption.
  • Automatic fault diagnostic, reporting and allocation module.
  • Remote supervisory control and full corrective action over internet.
  • Microwave moisture control module with auto water and aggregate compensation.
  • Full historical data analysis, both for auto and manual plant operation.
  • Video enhanced user manual and auto system troubleshooting.
  • Full system simulation module - Operators can easily practice while off line.
  • Remote touch panel for flexible plant control and monitoring via WiFi.
  • Multilingual module.
  • Weigh bridge integration (eScale module).
  • Laboratory module integration (WinLab) with on line support.
  • Job order and load out management module including delivery tickets option.
  • Auto mode main panel
  • Batch time analysis
  • Consumption History
  • Recipes