WinLab Concrete

Management system for concrete crash test

Winlab is an integrated ensemble of electronic equipment and software, specifically adapted for the administration and automatic crashing of concrete samples in the quality control laboratories of concrete production companies.

Due to its state-of-the-art design, WinLab, is able to retrofit all types of existing mechanical equipment of a quality control laboratory. Its architecture secures the highest quality sample management, by limiting human errors to a minimum and providing in a simple way all the required information.

Some of the key features of Winlab are listed below:

  • Integration with all commercial presses available in the market.
  • Ability to operate the press either automatically or manually.
  • Capability to automatically control and maintain press’s charge speed constant and equal to a predefined value.
  • On screen display of critical crash parameters such as charge speed and pressure.
  • Automatic conversion of kp/cm2 to MPa.
  • Unique barcode tagging of each concrete sample that allows easy concrete sample management by the application with the use of an appropriate scanner.
  • Automatic concrete sample information management (crash dates, concrete type, sample molding date etc) with a single data registration process that eliminates errors due to manual data registration, incorrect sample crash etc.
  • Automatic user notification regarding which samples are to be measured on a specific day, or have to be imported or exported from the preservation chamber.
  • All calculations are performed according to the Concrete Technology Regulation as well as the 14/43309/28 March 2001 Works and Materials quality control regulation issued by Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works.
  • Automatic moving average charts creation, standard deviation estimation, as well as extensive statistical evaluations of all concrete-related parameters.
  • Ability to link and utilize data from the unit’s production management system.
  • Full historical records keeping regarding concrete sample data and crash results.
  • Advanced reporting and printing capabilities.
  • User management module implementing application access rights.