Automatic vehicle scaling system

eScale is an application that utilizes RFID technology in order to automate the vehicle scaling procedure. The system is designed with embedded flexibility and can be adapted to all possible scenarios of dispatching or delivering of products.

Some of the key features of eScale are the following:

  • Driver actions guidance in order to perform correct scaling by the use of traffic light.
  • Vehicle distinction with MCC 503 RFID Tags of Deister Electronic.
  • Vehicle identification during scaling with the use of the MCL550 RFID reader of Deister Electronic.
  • Data collection and processing by a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) WinCon 8031 of ICPDAS running Windows CE .NET.
  • Utilization of I 7060 Digital Input Output (DIO) modules of ICPDAS in order to control the traffic light with the WinCon 8031.
  • Scaling data trafficking to an SQL Server database in real time via Ethernet network (TCP/IP).
  • Backup of the last scaling registrations on the WinCon 8031 controller in an SQL Server CE database.
  • Autonomous operation even without Ethernet or SQL Server connectivity with automatic database synchronization upon network restoration.
  • Ability to provide data to any ERP - Immediate scaling data utilization by the client.
  • Remotely customizable operation via Ethernet network.