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Winmix Installations

  • N. Kouros

  • Tsouma Bros

  • Betomix

  • Doxa

  • Doxa Ergogenesis Group

  • Kaklamanos Beton

  • Zante Beton

  • Dynamiki

  • Kyklos

  • Sidirobeton

  • Mitaftsis Sithonia Ready Mix

  • Giotas Posnaidis

  • Vougiouklis

  • Atlas Beton

  • Risov Bulgaria

  • Markezini

  • Strotires (Terna - Psalidas)


Indicative Winlab's client installations:

eFactory has been installed in various factory units including:

  • Titan SA (Winlab) >

    Winlab has been installed in the fragmentation testing facility and the chemical analysis laboratory of the group's main factory, located in Kamari, Attica, Greece. The system is responsible for managing and controlling laboratory procedures as well as monitoring and guiding the entire sample course through the laboratory.

  • Interbeton (Winlab) >

    Winlab automated fragmentation testing system of concrete samples is installed in every laboratory of the company. Even if the company runs more that 10 laboratories located all around Greece (Attica, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Kozani, etc.), Winlab links them to the company's central offices in Athens. That enables the quality control supervisor --also located in Athens-- to monitor the fragmentation test results in real time and intervene, if necessary, in the concrete synthesis recipe. Thus, eliminating the need to maintain laboratory personnel on site in the production units.

  • Kyklos (Winmix) >

    Winmix automatic production management system -equipped with a color scaling unit- replaced the existing Haselstab automation system in a unit constructed by Buza in Xanthi. The installation is capable to feed two independent cement product production machines by utilizing a wagon and at the same time load ready mix to transportation vehicles.

    Another installation of Winmix automatic management system for ready mix production replaced the Haselstab automation system in a second unit, also constructed by Buza in Xanthi.

  • Elten Kazazis (eFactory) >

    eFactory system has been installed in the company's factory located in Thessaloniki to manage its production resources (for knitting, waiving, dyeing)

  • Tsouma Bros (Winmix) >

    Winmix automatic management of ready mix production system has been installed in a double unit comprised by two production units. Both units are constructed by Buza SA in Markopoulo Attika and are equipped with a BHS 3.5 cubic meters mixer each and 6 aggregate silos  The double unit can be operated either as two separate units using 3 aggregate silos to feed the first unit and the rest to feed the second or as a single unit using every aggregate silo simultaneously.

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